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Mistakes Made Before Seeking Musical Instruction

So many people believe the first thing they should do is purchase an instrument before speaking to an instructor. This is the wrong decision and I’ve see it made more times than you could possibly imagine. Yes, you need an instrument, but instruments need to accommodate the physical size of the individual, and be in proper working order. An incorrect or poorly working instrument only makes learning frustrating until the problem is corrected. A trained instructor, knows how to check and choose the correct size instrument for the individual. Many who teach have rental instruments to aid in the process. Also remember before you make a purchase, a salesperson wants a commission, a teacher wants a student.

The second mistake many make is buying a music course because they are going to save money and teach themselves. All music courses were organized so instructors don’t accidentally miss anything. They are a guide for your learning. They cannot teach proper execution, control, or many other aspects of the performance. This is part of what an instructor does. Learn with correct guidance. Trying to learn on your own only develops bad habits and runs you into a brick wall. Over the years I have had to undo many such problems with students who finally decided to learn correctly. Every one of them made the same statement, “If I had only wised up sooner. I was so foolish.”

Avoid this third mistake. I’ve been in the music business for many years. Take some professional advice. Before you do anything seek out a good instructor. This single step can save you a lot of money and disappointment.

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