What Instructors Expect Of Students

Many times people ask before lessons begin just what is expected of students. All instructors respond with the same answer. We expect that the student honor their commitment to us and themselves and do the assigned work, yes music is work, given at the lesson.

Music isn’t just picking up an instrument any old time you feel like it and begin playing songs, having fun, entertaining people and just having a rollicking good time. If that is what you believe, and many do, then you are sadly mistaken. Oh I know, someone you are acquainted with tells you they play an instrument and are great without ever having taken a lesson. Unfortunately, to many are great only in their own mind, but not seen that way by others. How do you want to be seen and remembered? Professionals like myself make it look so easy that you would think anyone could do it, but we put in many hours of practice. That is the only reason it appears that way.

There is no magic wand waved over anyone’s head that says you will play great today or whenever the spirit moves you. And don’t believe the “you have a gift” theory. God gave all of us a gift, but He also left it up to us to develop it. Music demands self discipline, patience, a positive attitude, and a sincere effort. In other words, learning to play is work, pleasant work, but work just the same. When you can play well after you have put in the work, then yes, it will be enjoyable to others and fun for you. And the better you get the more you will enjoy it, and be appreciated for your developed skills by others. So don’t be afraid to study, learn, and develop your talents. The journey is extraordinary and exciting. The reward is inexpressible and wonderful. It is an achievement that will remain with you and give you pleasure for a lifetime.

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John Custie