What You Will Learn With Me – Beginner Level

“What Will You Learn With Me?” is a fair and intelligent question. As an instructor I will do my very best in advising on musical purchases so hard earned money is not wasted. I will only ask you to buy material that is necessary for the learning, but will also take into consideration the desires of the student. When pupils are able to take on music they want to play, I will be encouraging them to do so.

After we have gone over the preliminaries of selecting and purchasing the correct instrument for you (see earlier blogs), weekly lessons will be scheduled. As a beginner you will first learn the very basics to get going. You will have hands on at the very first lesson. As we move forward you will learn to read and understand the language of music. I will spend time building your reading skills, start increasing focus and self discipline levels, begin developing independent finger strength, coordination, basic rhythm and timing, and all while learning simple tunes. You will learn how to discover and solve musical difficulties to get over them quickly. You will learn proper practicing techniques so advancement will be steadily moving forward. That said, practicing daily at a set time is necessary for the student to achieve his or her goal for the weekly lesson. It also creates an atmosphere of responsibility and aids in developing self discipline.

I am a patient and understanding instructor who wants his pupils to do well. All I ask is they do the assigned work daily to accomplish the weekly goal.

John Custie

My next blog will discuss “What You Will Learn With Me – Intermediate Level.”

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John Custie