What You Will Learn With Me – Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level we will become more involved in further development of reading skills, rhythm and timing, keeping steady tempos, and continuing to enhance your focus and self discipline levels. You will be gaining harmonic knowledge, and start building technical skills and endurance. You will increase your awareness in problem solving and how to recognize technical patterns in the music, and learn many varied styles and rhythms. You and I will get more involved with further development of coordination skills necessary for playing different kinds of rhythms and time signatures. At the intermediate level students are gradually infiltrating the music they like, and learning how to start developing their own style, rather than merely copying someone else’s.

By this time in the training program a student usually has a good idea of whether or not they wish to take their new found skills and knowledge and go public with them. If this is the case, preparation begins for public performance. They learn to channel any fears into a positive action that will increase their internal strength, allowing them to face the crowd in front of them. I will also start the student learning and memorizing the standards necessary for public performance. Here, practice and lesson time will need to be increased because of a more in depth training. By this time the student is realizing the fruits of their hard work and enjoying their own accomplishments.

John Custie

My next blog will discuss What You Will Learn With Me – Advanced Level.

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