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The accordion is a unique instrument with universal appeal.

It is no wonder that young people are being drawn to it, and older people are returning to enjoy it. The accordion is an instrument capable of all types of music with proper instruction.

When starting accordion lessons, John Custie, an experienced accordion instructor, will teach you the coordination necessary for playing the treble and bass keyboards while controlling the bellows. A course of study is used to bring the student from the very beginning to advanced stages of performance. Step by step you will learn to read and speak the language of music, understand and use harmony, theory, master syncopation and expression, and a diverse compilation of musical styles. When the student has progressed enough, outside material will be introduced to further the student’s capabilities, understanding and proficiency. John will work with the pupil to learn what they want to play and sometimes writes accordion arrangements for them, personalizing their accomplishments. All while they continue going through the process of mastering this wonderful instrument.

Working with your accordion teacher John Custie, you will develop coordination, memory skills, enhance your thinking ability and much more, as well as have the social aspect of being the center of attention when performing in front of family and friends.

Whether you are interested in learning for your own personal pleasure or wish to pursue a professional career, John Custie covers it all. All accordion lessons are one-on-one to maximize the students learning and pricing is competitive.

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