Live Musical Entertainer in Long Island, NY

John Custie, a live musical entertainer, plays an accordion on a stool in Long Island, NY

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A musical performance and a great party go hand in hand.

Music provides energy for the event, giving your attendees a topic of conversation and a reason to dance. This being the case, performer John Custie is an excellent choice for your event.

John has been a career professional for over twenty-five years, building a self-made portfolio working with all types of musicians and bands. He performed in the productions of “Fiddler On The Roof” and “Cabaret”, traveled with Loki Ontai’s “Hawaiian Review”, was guest artist with the Temple Isaiah Ensemble and many times the featured headliner for performances at the Kings Park Heritage Museum in New York. He has done dates with jazz greats Joe Dixon, Ray Gogerty, and others. Backed international singing sensations like Dino Rossi and Rudy Botti, to name a few, and has played in restaurants and wedding bands as well. No matter what your needs may be, John has the know-how and skills to make yours a remembered happening. Cocktail hour or entire event (anniversaries, birthday’s, etc.), wherever it may be, John Custie is your man.

John offers fair, competitive pricing. For a sparkling Live Musical Entertainer hailing from long island ny, call John Custie.

For more information on performances, or to hire, contact John today.