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The piano as we know it is over 300 years old and is a percussive instrument. It’s sound stands alone in the voices of the orchestra. It’s range travels from the deep sound of the bass to a high bell like quality in the upper treble. It has been a favorite of many for centuries.

A formal course of study is taught by John Custie, an experienced teacher, encompassing all of the necessary tools required to achieve the student’s goals in learning this instrument. You will learn the language of music, build the skills, and master the techniques that all must develop to play the piano. You will learn how to create and apply harmony to a melody, read and speak the language of music, and so much more. The students progression in the process of learning the piano through lessons, will allow them to eventually venture out into the many styles of music we hear on the radio and in film today.

The student will increase self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop good study habits all through music. The enjoyment of performing in a friendly environment is an added benefit as the student realizes they have become the center of attention.

Whether you are interested in learning for your own personal pleasure or wish to pursue a professional career, John Custie teaches it all as your piano instructor. All piano lessons are one-on-one to maximize the students learning and pricing is competitive.

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